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writer's digest photo

Thanks to everyone who all preferred the same photo (see above), so that's the one I chose. :-) Sent the photo to Writer's Digest by UPS this afternoon as well as the profile text. I'll only believe for sure that they used all this info when I actually SEE it in the 1999 edition of Writer's Market, but so far it sounds like it's a sure thing; the editor and I have been emailing back and forth confirming info and delivery details, etc.

Came down with some BIZARRE flu virus yesterday (no wonder I felt so icky all day). Jeff and I had exactly the same symptoms...achey, sore throat, dizzy, temperature of about 100. We collapsed around 10 pm, which is unusually early for us. Woke up this morning (or at least I did) feeling pretty much fine.

Sara went to visit Jeff at his office today and was apparently quite the hit. :-) She went up to the receptionist and politely asked, "I'd like to see my Uncle Jeff, please" and immediately several heads poked out from various offices...Jeff talks about Sara a lot at work, I guess. :-)

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