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writer's digest profile

An update: Well, I didn't get to the movie after all. Just before I left this afternoon to do some babysitting for Ruth (and then go straight to meet Allison and Jodi), I decided to check my editor mailbox one last time. Found a letter from Writer's Digest Publications...they want to do a profile of me in the 1999 edition of the official Writer's Market! Very cool. Except they needed a b&w photo by MONDAY as well as some profile info. The info was no problem, but the photo? I don't have a decent professional photo. The message also said that if they didn't hear from me by the end of today (the message was dated yesterday), they'd have to choose someone else because of tight deadlines. (!)

Of course I couldn't pass up this opportunity, so I went into panic mode. Phoned and emailed a confirmation. Told Ruth I couldn't babysit, told Allison & Jodi I couldn't do the movie thing. Called a bunch of places in the yellow pages to find someone who could take a b&w headshot of me and have it printed by tomorrow morning. Found a decent blouse ("do I want to go casual yet professional? businesslike yet fun? aaaauugggh..."). Looked at my ponytail head (I tend to put my hair in a loose ponytail while it's still wet after my shower; who sees me when I'm working at home, after all?). Went to the mall across the street to find someone who could make my hair look semi-sane in fifteen minutes max. Fortunately the talky hairdresser was busy with another customer so I used someone else. Bought some makeup at a drugstore (I don't tend to wear makeup, but I had major sun-blotchy face and also circles under my eyes from some insomnia last night). Got to the photographer's studio about ten minutes early, put on some makeup in a dingy little washroom where the hot water tap wasn't working. The photo session itself was pretty quick and painless. I came back a couple hours later when the proofs were ready and chose two shots I liked, ordered prints. I'm picking the prints up tomorrow and will courier one of them to Writer's Digest along with my profile info (which I'm also sending by email, but if I'm already paying for the courier I figure I might as well get my money's worth).

Anyway, the 1999 Writer's Market should be out near the end of this year, and my profile should appear in the online markets section. Hopefully I won't come off looking/sounding too geeky! I'll try to scan one of the pics I chose off the contact sheet (I don't pick up the actual photo until tomorrow) to post above. Going to work on the profile now...

From this morning...

Allison, Jodi and I are going to see Quest For Camelot tonight in lieu of practice. We haven't heard wonderful reviews of the movie, but it's something we've decided to see anyway. :-) So has anyone seen Godzilla? What did people think? I was going to go see it but have been scared by all the bad reviews (both from media and friends).

Jeff and I had dinner with his mom at a great King St. restaurant called ISTRIA. The menu was the kind with yummy and incredibly long descriptions that make you want to order everything. I tried the fennel tempura, which was remarkably good!

Happy birthday to LYANNE QUIRT, who turns 16 today!

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