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general update

Went biking with David. I'm getting used to getting up at 6:30 a.m. every Wednesday now. I stagger out of bed, phone David to let him know that I did indeed wake up on time, get my biking gear (which I carefully lay out on the dining room table the night before because I know I'll be too braindead in the morning to remember everything). I still managed to forget my water bottle this morning, though.

We had been planning to go to the Beaches area this morning, but Dave still can't find his shades! (we'd be riding into the morning sun on the way there) So we opted for Etobicoke instead. PERFECT cycling weather this morning, warm and slightly breezy, clear blue sky. On the way there I forced David to stop at a playground so we could go on the swings (no one was there so fortunately I didn't have to kick any little kids off the equipment). I only lasted about ten minutes or so; I got motion embarrassing!!! and then we went to check out the Sir (some guy's name...Cyril? David, help me out here) Gzowki memorial historical monument thingy, which David had always been curious about. Then we went out past the Humber Bay Biker Bridge (or whatever it's called) into Etobicoke-land and sat out on the rocks in the sun. Lots of birds....Canada geese, swifts, red-winged blackbirds, seagulls, and even a lone swan came to check us out. David figured out the automatic timer feature on my camera and we got a picture with both of us in it...I'll post it here when I get the film developed. It was beautiful and warm and sunny and both of us felt like staying there, but of course we couldn't and finally headed home. Got back by 9.

Looks like the boxing classes are out for me. :-( They've been scheduled for Thursday nights, which is UT practice night. Ah well...

I haven't checked out our fridge poetry lately (we have three sets of fridge poetry magnets) and here's what's up right now:

    never have poison candy

    poetry is a naked god

    yesterday i picked the secret question

    i am rhythm & a dark kiss

Eek! I found out that my father is starting to read my Blatherings. I guess this means I have to stop talking about all the wild drug-and-orgy parties that Jeff and I go to every night. I should be fine, though, as long as he doesn't check out our song repertoire and see which songs I wrote...

Today's Site of the Day is courtesy Mark Osier and Kathy Cogswell:

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