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Got my hair cut yesterday (I was having trouble seeing through my bangs, so I figured it was about time). I discovered that my regular hairdresserperson was away on vacation, so I opted for the other place in the mall I used to get my hair cut. And it just so happened that the hairdresser on duty was the guy that USED to cut my hair. Remember the Seinfeld episode about hairdresser loyalty? I went through the same guilt as I got in the Chair. My old hairdresser chatted up a storm (one of the reasons I left him for another! I reeeeeeally hate smalltalk), commenting how he hadn't seen me in a while, how he'd never seen my hair so long, etc. etc. There was no way I was going to tell him that I had been disloyal and had someone else cut my hair, at least not while he had a pair of shears a half-inch away from my head. So I sat there in guilty silence, praying for it to be over soon. I was only having my BANGS TRIMMED, for Pete's sake, but he made a big fuss over every snip, used hairspray, fluffed and primped with a blowdryer, meanwhile chattering on about ideas he had for my hair, etc. etc. etc. I felt so guilty by the end (since I knew I wouldn't be back ever, not even if my hairdresser went on vacation again) that I gave him a big tip (which was probably his intention all along :)) and practically ran out of the salon. So concludes my hirsute adventure of the week.

Made vegetarian lasagne last night and was shocked when it actually turned out all right.

I spent half an hour looking for my new bike air pump last week, by the way, and only recently found out that Jeff had stolen it for his own bike! The fiend!!! He promises to replace it. Speaking of bikes...Toronto Bike Week starts this Saturday (May 30-June 7).

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