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Random House is trying out my site, Inkspot, as an advertising vehicle. I would be most grateful if some of you could go to my site and click on the banner ad at the top. You should be taken to "Jesse's Word Of The Day" which IS an interesting page of info. :-) (please don't be tempted to deluge this banner with clicks...I appreciate the enthusiasm, but the logs will be recording where clicks are coming from). Thanks!

Ate my Cadbury's P.S. bar after going to the health club this morning. :-) I am so Bad. Very yummy chocolate bar, too bad it's not readily available here (Sugar Mountain imports them from Africa).

Went to visit my 2-year-old niece Brittany out in the country yesterday. She calls me "Dobbie" and Jeff "Joff". She and I played by the pond for a while, making mud soup. She made sure I was wearing enough sunscreen and insect repellent. Afterwards we went up to the house to have lunch and I let her have bites of my hamburger (my lunch was obviously MUCH tastier than hers) and she "cooked" me slices of pizza and waffle in her mini-kitchen. Whenever I left the room, Brittany got very concerned and called out, "DOBBIE! DOBBIE! DOBBIE!" until I reassured her I was coming back. She saw a scar on my knee (from a mountain biking crash years ago) and kissed it for me. :-)

After our visit with Brittany, Jeff & I went to visit Sara and Annie (it was a very Niece-oriented day). Sara and Jeff did science experiments in the kitchen (baking soda and vinegar and suchlike) while I played nursery rhymes on the piano for Annie to dance to. Then we put on the new Martha children's CD (Martha used to be with the Muffins), which was loads of fun...Ruth, Sara, Annie, and I were all dancing around in the livingroom. It was quite the party, with Sara was twirling around in circles, Annie was bopping up and down and flapping her hands up and down (she just learned to walk last week, so being able to participate was a major Event for her...she was quite pleased with the whole thing). I'm sure any neighbours seeing us in the window thought us completely bonkers.

When Jeff and I got home, we were completely wiped. Ended up going to bed around 9:30 p.m. I don't know how all you parent-types find the energy!!! :-)

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