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Congrats to Scott Snyder, who just got a job at Accolade, woohoo! He and Amanda will be moving to California.

Fun at Allison's place last night...we decided to get together even though Jodi wasn't able to make it. Gabbed a lot. Allison showed me the local Crafters' Marketplace, which is full of cool-looking craftstuff. Worked a bit on Mark's bio (he is foolishly allowing Urban Tapestry to write his bio for the Contata program book! HAHAHAHAHA). Introduced Allison to mangoes. She likes them!

Did some babysitting yesterday. Sara must have seen me coming up the walk, because even as I was reaching for the front door I could hear her yelling excitedly from the other side, "AUNTIE DEBBIE! AUNTIE DEBBIE! AUNTIE DEBBIE!" I opened the door, and she hurled herself at my legs, hugging my knees (that's as far as she can reach). At the same time, I could see Annie toddling out of the living room towards me with a big grin on her face...first time I've seen her walking unassisted!!! Wow, Annie can walk. This means she's going to start running soon. Look out, world...

Went biking for two hours with David this morning. Windy and cool weather, but very sunny. This time we went east and headed up the Don Valley River trail a bit (sorry, am too lazy to look up the proper name for this trail right now). VERY pretty trail, lots of trees and nature and wildlife. We stopped by a pond at a spot where the river widened a bit, and I gave a bit of my granola bar to a goose. It looked a lot like a Canadian goose, except the head markings were different...I'll have to find out exactly what kind of bird it was. Saw lots of red-winged blackbirds. I brought my camera along, too, so hopefully I'll have some pics to post on this page in a little while. On the way back, we passed another cyclist...with a bunch of chairs strapped onto his back! Have to wonder. Anyway, got back home at 9 am.

Staying the city this weekend, though I'm going to be visiting my niece Brittany out in Orangeville for a bit on Sunday. Have a great weekend, everyone!

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