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deep impact

Jeff and I went to see "Deep Impact" last night. Has anyone else seen it? It was pretty much what I expected. I know it's been getting mediocre to lukewarm reviews, but I quite enjoyed it...I suppose I wasn't expecting as much as the reviewers. :-) Jeff has shaved off his goatee, even though everyone (including me!) told him it looked good. He said it just wasn't could I argue with that? :-)

Ruth called yesterday and said that Annie can walk! Ruth says she suspects that Annie has been able to walk on her own for a while, but just likes having someone to hang onto anyway.

Still yukky weather in Toronto (rain). Hope it clears up by tomorrow morning, when David and I are hoping to go biking again.

Wisdom of the Day: Never drink cranberry juice after brushing your teeth. Tastes AWFUL.

Congrats to Andrea Dale on her new gig (opening for a folk-rock band on May 16). Do check out her Andy's Chatter, too, for an FKO report! :-)

Urban Tapestry's next con, by the way, is Contata on July 10-12 in New Jersey. Steve Macdonald is GoH, and Mark Osier is Toastmaster. We'll also be involved in the programming...should be fun!
Send email to Bruce Adelsohn for more info.

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