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rand bdy

Today is Rand's birthday! Please do hassle him about it.

Had dinner at Fune's last night (had the usual....salmon sashimi, steamed rice, shiitake mushrooms). Chris (head waiter there) presented me with a bottle of plum wine as a belated birthday gift! :-) I'm going to get Allison and Jodi to help me drink it, of course.

Allison, Jodi and I are working on an Urban Tapestry Fun and Activity Book for the Interfilk auction at FKO. Wow, is it silly. :-) Lots of photos, cartoons (I'm going to force Allison and Jodi to draw something, too), song snippets, and...of course...many FUN ACTIVITIES FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY. We're having a ton of fun working on this.

re: teaching children Useful Phrases. From Joel Polowin: "Someday I want to go into the child-care suite at a con and teach all the kids who'll listen: 'Hail, hail, fire and snow / Call the Barney,
we will go / Far to go, for to see / I love you and you love me.'"
:-) This is great. I'll have to use this on Annie, too.

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