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visit w/rand & tanya

To Graham: Thank you for the "ageless" comment. :-) Thanks for the birthday greetings, everyone. And happy birthday to Kerstin Droge, who has the same birthday as me, and Jared Walker! :-) Allison, Jodi and I are really looking forward to meeting Kerstin and Juliane, who are Interfilk guests at FKO (from Germany). Happy belated birthday also to one of Lyanne Quirt's rats, who also was born on March 29. :D

Visited Rand and Tanya this weekend, did Inkspotstuff with Rand. He took me to Ben & Jerry's (my first time!) and I tried two flavours: Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz Buzz, and White Russian. Yummmm.

Don't forget to change your clocks today, everyone...

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