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30,000 subscribers

Many thanks to those who gave me feedback on that Javascript test page, especially David Goulden, who found out that one of my problems was an obscure formatting problem that occurs when you put a script within a nested table. I've given up on the Javascript idea for now.

So back to the Millenium you think this IS going to be a problem? Opinions among my technonerdboy/girl friends varies wildly. Some say it will be non-issue. Others predict the collapse of the world. What do YOU all think?
I've also been told that if I wanted to get back into COBOL programming (excuse my language), I could make big bucks from companies who are desperate to have their software modified to accomodate the year 2000 issue but who can't find programmers who remember that archaic language anymore! Hey, Mike Lloyd! What do you think? (Mike and I used to both work as programmer/analysts at Toronto-Dominion Bank ages ago).

In case any of you aren't familiar with the Year 2000 problem, there is a strong belief that
for many computer and software systems, the year 2000 will bring a
host of problems related to software programs that record the year
using only the last two digits. More info available at

Anyway, I want your predictions now! Post them in blatherchat and I'll save them for perusal when 2000 arrives. The question: Do you think the Year 2000 Problem will really be a problem? If so, how much of a problem?

Hey, Inklings just hit 30,000 subscribers, woohoo! :-)

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