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Fun weekend! I really needed it, too, after my work schedule these past few weeks. Rand visited on Friday and got to meet my sister and her two daughters (Sara-3 yrs old, Annie-11 months). He even played a couple of tunes for them. Annie's favourite Ookla tune is "AGED"...she was bopping up and down to it by the end of the visit (and didn't even spit up on him). Sara seemed a bit shy during the visit, but apparently asked my sister tonight (my family came to our place for our dinner), "Is Auntie Debbie's friend going to be at the apartment?" Ruth replied, "You mean Rand? No, he's not. He doesn't live near here." After a moment, Sara said, "I like Rand."

Did Inkspotstuff in the afternoon, then drove to Thornhill to have dinner with Allison, John, and Jodi. A & J & I opened up our Christmas packages from the Allcocks (we weren't allowed to open them until all three of us were present, and one of the packages had been held up at Customs 'til last week) stuff, including Jelly Belly t-shirt & fan club registration form, interestingly edible paints, sushi fridge magnets, three boxes of Walker's chocolate-covered ginger cookies, other stuff we're saving for a future practice. Thank you, Lissa and Phil!!!!

On Saturday, I hung out at Rand's library (his last day at work! he starts a new job tomorrow) and bugged him all day. I actually got work done, too. Went to a concert by a band called Special Ed in Rochester in the evening (had two members of Rand's old band, Omega Beat), got home very late. Luis was supposed to go, but had to cancel at the last minute. :-( Adam had to go to Ohio that day, but I did get to talk to him on the phone for a bit and hear one of his new songs (which made me laugh so hard I was afraid of the library patrons hearing me and getting me KICKED OUT OF THE LIBRARY just kidding about the eviction part, not about the laughing).

Had brunch the next morning with Tanya and Rand (tried stuffed grape leaves for the first time! very yummy), took the bus home.

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