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Site of the day: Fancyclopedia. Everything you every wanted to know about fandom. I don't agree entirely with their definition of "filk" ;-), but then again I don't think there IS a definition which everyone agrees with.

Had a good practice last night. We're looking forward to our library concert tomorrow!

Did some babysitting yesterday...Annie's got the flu, with a temperature of 104. :-( Normally super-active and grabbing at everything, Annie lay in my arms like a limp rag doll when I picked her up. :-( To give my sister a break,
I took Sara to the Eaton's Centre and bought her a small doll which she immediately named Marigold. On the subway home, Sara sat in my lap and played with Marigold, talking to her and moving her arms around.

ME, pretending to be Marigold: "I was lonely in the store. Will there be any friends for me to play with when we get to your house?"

SARA, to Marigold: "Yes, you can play with my sister Annie. (shaking head) She's not very gentle. She'll pull your this!" (demonstrates by yanking on Marigold's hair quite violently several times. She doesn't notice some of passengers on the other side of the subway car snickering.)

I am very behind in email at the moment, sorry (yes, I am always behind, but right now I'm VERY behind). Thanks for your patience, if you've written me.

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