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end of year

Questions that 4-yr-old Sara asked my sister yesterday:

    "Do things always end?"

    "Does the sky ever end?"

Wandered into the old Bakka store yesterday, or rather, where Bakka used to be. Except it wasn't Bakka anymore, it was filled with glittery dresses on racks and Boxing Day sale sweaters. The sales clerk was on the phone with a friend, complaining about the cold. I didn't stay very long.

Hey, Furbies might be banned in some Toronto hospitals! Turns out they might interfere with some life-support systems.

Jeff worked late again last night, didn't come home until after midnight. I brought Thai food over for Jeff and coworker Rick. I got to try homemade mead (Rick made it!) for the first time. It was great! Not what I expected at all. I had thought mead would be sticky-sweet, heavy. Instead, it was sort of like drinking a summer afternoon. Sunlight and honeysuckle.

What will 1999 bring, I wonder?

Speaking of which...make predictions for the year 1999 in blatherchat! I'm going to dig up last year's predictions and see how we all fared.

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