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starting point award

Conducted an interesting experiment this past week. Heard about Starting Point's "Hot Site" award and decided to go after it to see if I could do it. Scooped the HTML to beg users to vote for me, posted it on my main page. After a few days, got word from Starting Point that Inkspot will be featured as a "Hot Site" for tomorrow (either I have a huge loyal user base, or it's not a very popular award :-)). The wording of the letter made it clear, tho, that I'm expected to promote Starting Point in return:

    Date: Thu, 3 Dec 1998 14:44:19 -0600

    From: Starting Point (

    Subject: *** CONGRATULATIONS FROM Starting Point ***

    Congratulations! has been voted by
    Starting Point users to be a "Hot Site". Your site is scheduled
    to be featured on 12/4/98 as a Starting Point refer "Hot Site" ( ).

    After you submitted your site to us, our users viewed your site
    and voted for you in our New section. The votes have been
    tallied and you are now a Starting Point "Hot Site"!

    We ask that you display your Starting Point "Hot Site" badge on
    your site and in your own promotional materials. Badge
    downloading and linking instructions are available at Please email me at to let me know that you picked up your award.

    Previous "Hot Site" winners credit Starting Point as one of their
    main sources of increased traffic. So again, congratulations!-and
    thank you for submitting to Starting Point.

    Good Luck,

    Starting Point - Webmaster

    Starting Point, L.L.C.

    Everything You Need To Work The Web. Everyday.

Went out with Allison and Jodi last night. Dinner at the Pickle Barrel as usual, then back to Allison's. Watched the Star Wars trailer (kindly sent to us by A Friend)...very very cool! I can't wait until this movie comes out. Have to say, too, that Ewan McGregor (sp?) looks darned cute. This movie had better be good, judging from the fever pitch of anticipation already in the air five months before its release!

I've been looking for an easy-to-access chat environment for my business meetings. ICQ is too unreliable, MOOkti is fun but difficult for some people to get used to. So I'm trying out the same environment that Jodi uses for her Muse's Muse songwriting chats. I've set up one of the "free" chatrooms for my own test use
and would appreciate it if some of you could help me test it out if you have the chance. If you have a java-enabled browser, check out:

Please send feedback (positive and negative) to Thanks!

Had to cancel this afternoon's babysitting :-(...way too much work.

Going to hear the Rheostatics tonight with David at some clubby place on Queen Street.

Officemusic: Adrian Belew, DESIRE OF THE RHINO KING.

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