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o what's the deal about this Furbee craze? I only know about it from Allison, who says it's all the rage with kids these days. I don't watch much television, which is probably why I'm one of the only people on the continent that was ignorant of this year's toy fad.

Jeff and I visited with our neighbour down the hall last night, and he had one. I wasn't too impressed at first...I found it pretty ugly, to tell you the truth. And it's recorded little voice was annoying. But I did find it fascinating how it reacted to certain stimuli, saying something from its seat in the corner without any provocation, and how it finally fell asleep after a while. Fortunately they are too expensive and unavailable right now for me to even consider. And Sara is a bit too young to want one yet; I'm sure Sara will latch onto next year's fad. :)

Officemusic: Dr. Demento's 20th Anniversary Collection.

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