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It's SNOWING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (very wimpily, so it likely won't last, but it IS the first snowfall...)

Did some babysitting yesterday. Soon after Ruth and Kaarel left, Annie insisted I help her put on her tutu over her dress (a child's costume which was a gift from their Uncle Andres, I think). When she saw me getting stuff and mindset ready to change her diaper, tho, Annie shrieked and ran away, laughing. (When I change Annie's diaper these days, I often feel like Kirk must have felt when he was wrestling with the Salt Monster (or maybe it was some other episode of Star Trek?) when it kept changing into different types of creatures, all struggling madly to get away). I took an extra minute (ONE EXTRA MINUTE) to get everything laid out first, then went to find Annie. She was in the kitchen. She had clambered up onto a chair, had found a bowl of tomato soup leftover from lunch, and was eating it. Tomato soup was all over her face, down the front of her dress (which I had been told was a special present from her grandmother), her tutu. She gave me a huuuuge tomatoey grin when I came in. Sigh. I cleaned her off, changed her diaper, found her a new outfit, set her loose again.

Annie is VERY much into imitating absolutely everything Sara is doing. We were all playing Princess On The Glass Mountain Falls Into A Profoundly Deep Magical Sleep From Which The Populace Must Try To Wake Her, and Annie (who was lying on the floor, also pretending to be the Princess), really DID fall asleep. I carried her upstairs to bed, where she slept for two hours. Two conversation excerpts I had with Sara during that time:

    EXCERPT #1:

    SARA: I'm going to marry Uncle Jeff.

    ME: Really? Where are you going to live?

    SARA: Here.

    ME: Where are Mommy and Daddy going to live?

    SARA (grins): Here.

    ME: Where am *I* going to live?

    SARA: Here.

    ME: Are you going to have any children?

    Sara nods.

    ME: How many?

    Sara: Seventeen.

    EXCERPT #2:

    ME: If you could be anything in the whole world that you wanted to be, what would it be?

    SARA (with a big grin): A princess!

    ME: What about Annie? What do you think she would want to be, if SHE could be anything in the whole world?

    SARA (after some thought): A horse.

Good luck to Ookla The Mok who are filk guests at Windycon this weekend! (Later note: oops, I was wrong...Rand says that Windycon is NEXT weekend)


Q: What's red and invisible?

A: No tomatoes.

Officemusic: Adrian Belew.

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