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school crushes

During my visit out to my dad's this past weekend, I decided to take a walk around the neighbourhood on Saturday. Without really thinking about it, I found myself heading towards my old school, using the same route I had walked from first to eighth grade. It was a perfect October day, and I passed quite a few neighbours out raking the leaves or setting up elaborate Hallowe'en displays (the most delightfully gruesome was one in which the two children living in the house had set up pseudo-graves for themselves using a pile of leaves and cardboard tombstone markers..."R.I.P. ROY, KILLED BY A RABID GOAT" etc.).

I recognized a few houses in which friends used to live, or boys I had crushes on. :-) A side note on childhood crushes: what was your biggest childhood crush? Mine was Norm Brown in Grade 8. I strongly suspect all the girls in that class had crushes on Norm Brown. He was darned cute (and he knew it, too), and didn't know I existed. Years later, I found out that Allison's husband, John, used to hang out with Norm! I sometimes find myself wondering what happened to that boy, where he is now. Out of curiosity, I even did a search on the Web, but came up with at least two dozen Norm Browns. I thought I had narrowed my search down to the right Norm, but realized I was on the wrong track when that particular Norm ended up being a black jazz pianist in New Orleans. Ah well, perhaps it's for the best...part of me would rather remember Norm Brown as he was, untainted by reality.

Hm, my sidenote on crushes has turned into a full blather.

Sorry for the lack of blatherings, by the way; things have been a bit crazy on this end lately. :-) I am back in blathermode now, though, so look out.

Sadly, it looks like I won't be attending Confusion in January. In fact, it looks as though the next convention that Allison, Jodi & I will be attending won't be until FILKONTARIO next March!

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