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xmas shopping

Site of the day: RSI and Musicians - tips on avoiding repetitive stress syndrome.

Had dinner with David last night (John's Italian on Baldwin), then we went CD shopping at HMV. I bought a Stan Rogers CD (Northwest Passage) and an Adrian Belew CD (Desire of the Rhino King). Went pillow shopping for Dave at Eaton's after that. The choice of pillows was a bit overwhelming; I had no idea there were so many different types! Saw a pillow priced at about $130 (!!). It had a nice blue cover, but didn't look particularly extraordinary. If I had that pillow, I definitely wouldn't let anyone sleep on it. Maybe I'd put it in a glass case and have people just LOOK at it ("Ooo, can you BELIEVE that pillow cost $130?"). I tried to get Dave to buy a pillow with a teddy bear on it, but he flatly refused. Ok, enough about pillows.

Four days until Allison's housefilk!!

I have utterly no idea what to get Jeff for Christmas; he's one of those impossible people to buy for. Have any of you started your Christmas shopping? Please say no. And what's your opinion on early/late Christmas shopping? The advantage of doing it early is, of course, avoiding the crowds and having the luxury of time. The advantage of doing it late is because you can complain about it to everyone (the crowds, the lack of time, etc.), and also because there IS something more exciting about having to do it all at once, under enormous pressure, or at least that's what I tell myself.

As of this Thursday, I'm allowed to take out my ear "training studs" and try out "real" earrings since my 6-week waiting period (after having my ears stabbed) is over then. I tried cheating yesterday (to try out the Apple earrings that Andrew gave me, which are currently my sole pair of earrings), however, but was horrified to find that I didn't know how to take off my training studs! How utterly humiliating!! I'm going to ask Allison and Jodi to help me out tomorrow night. They're going to laugh at me.

Officemusic: Stan!

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