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Very icky Toronto weather.

With no more bike rides, I've had to rely more on the health club for exercise. No way am I slacking off over the winter...Dave will cream me by the spring otherwise. Also, Jeff and I are going on a ten-day canoe trip to the Nahanni (in the Yukon) next September, and I want to make sure I'm ready.

Anyway, learned how to use the rowing machine today. Lucy The Health Club Jockette showed me the ropes, how to choose the correct settings, the proper technique, and so on. Sounded pretty simple (and hey, who can't row a boat?) but when I actually sat down to try it, I felt massively uncoordinated. She suggested just doing ten minutes at first; I felt like laughing at her....only 10 minutes? By the ten minutes were over, though, my shoulder and back muscles were screaming for mercy. Went back to my usual stationery bike for the rest of my cardio workout, push-ups (I'm up to 17 girly (from the knees) push-ups, woohoo! i know, not much, but I started out by only being able to do three :)), about a hundred curls (abdominal curls are sort of like sit-ups, except you don't go up all the way). Sometimes I do weights as well, but today my arms were all wobbly from my rowing machine introduction.

I've never been a "social" workout person. Y'know, the type that chats merrily to a companion throughout the workout. It would be fun to have a workout companion, but I tend to go at odd hours when it's less crowded. Also, I go to work out, not to socialize. I have to be amused at the women who PUT ON MAKEUP in the locker room just before they work out. Sheesh.

Congrats on the new job, Gary!

Officemusic: Adrian Belew, VERY LOUD.

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