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last bike ride

Went biking this morning with David. We both agreed it was going to be the last ride of the season (Dave had to convince me to go on THIS one; I tried wimping out on him last night on the phone :)). Both of us bundled up...I wore a turtleneck, sweatshirt, fleece vest, windbreaker, track pants, fleece pants, fleece gloves. Even so, the wind was bitterly cold, and I ended up tying a scarf around my head, under my helmet, to keep my ears from freezing. I should have worn warmer socks, but then I'd have to wear other shoes, which would mean I wouldn't be able to fit my feet into the pedal straps.

One advantage of biking this late in the season...hardly anyone on the trails! :-) On our break, I broke out my supply of granola bars. Within a few minutes, a couple of grey squirrels started circling around us. They looked pretty hungry and pitiful...or at least -I- thought so. I started giving them bits of granola bar while David mocked me (he scarfed his within a few minutes without sharing ANY OF HIS GRANOLA BAR WITH THE SQUIRRELS, the unfeeling cad).

In spite of my whining about the weather, I will miss our bike rides. :-( Hope the winter's short...

Did some babysitting yesterday. Annie is still calling me BeeBee and was following me around a lot, talking at me in her baby language while I tried to pretend to understand. Ruth said I'm allowed to stick the kids in front of the tv if I needed a break...I'm finding, tho, that both Sara and Annie would rather play with me than watch television. I guess I should be flattered. :-) Sara always asks me to play Castle In The Sky with her when I come over. She's the princess in the castle, I'm the little boy who befriends her, and Annie is the servant. Annie doesn't know she's supposed to be the servant; she thinks she's the princess, too, and mimics everything Sara does.

Fun practice last night. VERY typical UT practice...dinner at The Pickle Barrel at Centerpoint Mall (lingering over coffee and yummy desserts after). Split up to do shopping for half an hour (I picked up some more Fimo at Lewiscraft). Went back to Allison's to gab some more, practised some of our newer stuff.

Looking forward to Allison's housefilk next weekend! For info, on the filk, ask Allison.

I'm drinking a lot of Good Earth cinnamon tea these days (a gift from Alisa...thanks, Alisa!!). Perfect drink for the kind of bone-chilling weather we've been having lately (it HAILED yesterday).

Officemusic: Beck! Odelay.

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