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bugs and beds and piercings

Have a bit of a bug; I think I caught it at my sister's on the weekend. Had to cancel biking with David yesterday, but we're hoping to go Friday morning.

Jeff and I went mattress shopping last night. I know, sounds way too exciting. :-) Brainwashed by all those Sleep Country tv and radio commercials (I can hear the jingle in my head even as I type..."Why buy a mattress anywhere else?"), we were inexorably drawn to the Sleep Country at Yonge and King. The store is basically one huge room full of beds with bare mattresses, manned by Chris The Bed Guy. He looked like an ordinary guy (medium build, slightly greying beard, in his late 40s or early 50s), but Chris The Bed Guy was no ordinary salesperson. He knew more about beds and bedding than any human being I've ever met. He told us about coils and support and sleep facts and how to properly fluff one's pillows. He showed us how to test a mattress (he said new couples tend to giggle a lot during that stage). He was utterly convincing as he led us from one mattress to another, encouraging us to bounce around and test everything out, sprinkling his "science of a good mattress" patter with jokes and entertaining facts. I even forgave him for calling me "Madam". :-) After a short while, the mattresses started to blur together for me. And we weren't merely shopping for a mattress, we were hanging out with our new pal, Chris The Bed Guy!

Of course we bought a new could anyone resist, under those conditions? (Debbie pauses to listen to the Sleep Country jingle go through her head again) As we left the store, I could hear Chris turn his Bed Guy Magic onto the next customer.

Our mattress is supposed to be delivered next Thursday. I hope it fits the bedframe!

Since my old scanner isn't working right now, I'm recycling old pics I have lying around my hard disk.

Jodi and Allison are taking me to get my ears pierced tomorrow night! I never had any inclination to get them done when I was a teenager (as most girls do)...the thought of stabbing a hole in any part of my anatomy for the sake of vanity just didn't appeal to me. Now, however, I find myself mournfully eyeing the racks of cool-looking earrings; I sometimes wear clip-ons on special occasions (like my wedding), but they hurt like the dickens after ten minutes or so. Also, there are far more cool-looking regular earrings than clip-on earrings. So I'm getting my ears pierced at Centerpoint Mall tomorrow night!
And you'll all get a full report, whether you like it or not. :-)

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