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leaving micris

Yes, I'm happy with my new computer. It's faster, it's stronger, it's friendlier. My scanner still doesn't work, but Jeff was kind enough to scan today's Blatherings picture for me...I KNOW that Allison felt cheated out of having her photo posted on her birthday, after all. >:-)

Spent the weekend revamping Inkspot and finetuning my G3. Still some rough edges to smooth out, but I'm very happy with it so far.

Went to Orangeville on Saturday with Jeff and had lunch at OASIS, my mom-in-law's new restaurant. YUMMY FOOD. And I'm not just saying that because I'm a relation. Seriously. I had the best pizza I've ever had in my life there, a barbecued chicken concoction with cilantro and Spanish onion and other ingredients, the sum of which was a mouth-watering concoction that compelled Jeff and I to buy a whole pizza to take home with us. I had a piece for breakfast and lunch yesterday. I was hoping Jeff would forget his piece in the fridge this morning before going to work, but no luck. And there were the CINNAMON BUNS...sugar overdose heaven! Yummmm....If you're in Orangeville, Ontario, be sure to drop by the place. It's called OASIS, and basically sells prepared food that you can take home for dinner (but also serves lunches in the restaurant). 82 First St., Orangeville, ON L9W 3J6, phone (519) 940-4333.

By the way, my marketing company (MediaGlue) and I have parted ways. This means that I'll be taking care of Inkspot's advertising and marketing on my own again, an idea which doesn't exactly thrill me (I have no talent for marketing, really) but it doesn't look like I have a choice. Anyway, I'm starting a flyer campaign. The flyer basically has info about Inkspot and Inklings, which are free resources for writers. If any of you are going to any literary or writing-related conventions, OR A GENERAL SCIENCE FICTION CONVENTION (hey, I've interviewed Jack Chalker, Robert Sawyer, Zenna Henderson, Julia Ecklar and others for Inklings), please let me know if you're willing to take a few flyers to put on the brochure table! Even just 25 flyers or so would be appreciated. Send email to and let me know the name and date of the convention, a snailmail address, and how many flyers you'd be willing to take. And thank you!!!

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