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private dancing

So 'fess many of you ever dance by yourselves, alone in the living room? I confess I have done this, usually when doing housework (hey, it's a way of perking up the vacuuming experience, right?). My favourite albums for this sort of thing: any Erasure album, Barenaked Ladies' STUNT, Indigo Girls. I remember HATING dances in high school. Never went to any (ok, I went to just one, but that was enough), even avoided going to my high school prom. I mainly disliked it because I hated the social pressure ("C' and have some FUN": implying, of course, that you weren't having fun if you weren't out on the dance floor) and also because I dreaded being the only girl left on the sidelines not being asked for a dance. (and of course it never crossed my mind that -I- could actually be the one doing the asking)

Years later, though, I found that dancing could actually be fun if you were with the right crowd. Or by yourself. :-) Jeff's pretty patient with my private dancing habits. He'll be putting his laundry away, for example, while I have one of my favourite CDs cranked up and am bopping around all over the room, knocking over his neatly stacked piles of clothes, etc.

Hey, and sometimes he'll even stop folding his underwear to dance with me. :-)

Which brings up a whole 'nuther topic, of many of you FOLD your underwear before putting it away (and if so, how many TIMES?) as opposed to 'toss your underwear in a drawer' types like me? I'm becoming convinced it's a male/female thing, but I'm willing to be proven wrong.

On a related topic, I'd like to try contradancing sometime.

My friend Andrew (who helped me write TECHNONERDBOY) is visiting from California (he works for Apple Computers...brought me APPLE EARRINGS, woohoo!). I told him he had to write a blather:

    Guest Blatherer: Andrew Platzer

    Technonerdboy - never heard of it.

    (Debbie has said she wouldn't censor me so...) The next time you see Debbie, try something that she always appreciates. ;-) Sneak up behind her and poke her on each side at waist level. She always jumps and makes a delightful *squeak* noise when you do it.

    As for the underwear thing, I either fold or just toss depending on how tired I feel. There goes Debbie's theory out the window.

Officemusic: Barenaked Ladies' STUNT.

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