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guest blather: andrea & tom

Hello Everyone! Tom and I are happily ensconced at Debbie's for the weekend. I have to admit, I've been truly impressed by her hostessing and cooking skills. (And no, she hasn't burnt ANYTHING! We had yummy pancakes with real maple syrup (she went out and got it from the tree herself . . . *wink*))

We will be spending time with Allison & Jodi today, and wandering around downtown Toronto torturing the pigeons. (Actually only Debbie does that, you know pigeons cooked in wine . . .)

You know (well actually you probably don't) I don't think I've had enough coffee yet . . .I'll be here until early Monday morning and Tom will be attending a geological meeting for the rest of the week.

Hi, y'all (Tom here)--

Andrea is concerned that I appear to be a virtual boyfriend, so I thought I had better check in. We are having a great time at Debbie's, who is a CONSUMMATE HOSTESS. She spent several days beforehand quizzing us about our culinary likes and dislikes, which could be summed up pretty easily: "No broccoli-asparagus-squash casserole." So Debbie laid in everything BUT broccoli-asparagus-squash casserole. She stocked the kitchen with bagels, crumpets, English muffins, croissants, butterscotch cookies, brownies, raspberries, strawberries, and frozen pizzas (and that's just the breakfast stuff). Apart from that, the rarified Canadian atmosphere seems to have affected my spelling. When asked to spell "torture" (see above), it kept coming out "t-o-r-t-o-i-s-e." Well, at least Debbie doesn't have any of those in her fridge, although (come to think of it) we haven't had lunch yet.

Well, all for now, Ciao, guys-- Tom

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