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In a recent Blathering, I whined about not getting snailmail and pleaded for some of you to send me postcards. Today's postcard pic is courtesy my brother-in-law Kaarel. :-) On the back it reads:

    "The FAMOUS Mariners' Restaurant Fishboil - Served every Tues., Wed., Fri., and Sat., in July and August, open 4:30 - 8 pm. Comfortable seating. Roof mounted swamp coolers. On centrally located Hwy 44 near Fort Bay, Ohio. You will surely say, it is the BEST in Fort Bay!"

"Roof mounted swamp coolers"????

Wow, is The Birthday Party ever off to a rollicking start! So many people have joined that I've had to archive the first day's events already. :-) Please do join the festivities, which will continue on until next Wednesday or Jeff divorces me for allowing so many people into our virtual living room.

I'm not sure how much blathering I will be doing between now and the end of the weekend. Jeff and I have traded in our old computers for new ones. He has an iMac (they are SO cool-looking!) and I'm upgrading to a G3 (PowerMac G3, 300 MHz, 98 meg RAM, 6 MB video RAM, 17" monitor, 6 GB hard drive, zip drive, 56k modem). I currently have a PowerMac 7500 with 1 MB hard drive and have been experiencing more and more problems (running out of space, out of memory, system crashes, etc.); I desperately need this upgrade. Jeff's helping me convert to my new system tonight and I'll be converting everything over this weekend. If everything goes smoothly, I should be back online by soon. If you haven't heard any blatherings from me by Saturday night, then you'll know I'm Experiencing Technical Difficulties. Wish me luck!

To all you people off to Conchord this weekend: have fun!

Officemusic: Fleetwood Mac, RUMOURS (yes, again). I'm only "discovering" this album now, tho Jeff and I used Songbird as our "first dance" song at our wedding. :-)

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