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doctor hard

Went biking with David this morning; the air was so cold that our breath came out in little puffs of steam. Stopped for a break at our usual stop past the Humber Bay Bike Bridge, climbed over the rocks to a small sandy beach where we made the Last Sandcastle of the season. I made the main structure while David added a golf course in the back.

Got our New Mattress yesterday!! The label on it (and this is not a joke) says that the brand is DOCTOR HARD. Can you believe it? It's much thicker and harder than I remember from when we bonded with Chris The Mattress Guy in Sleep Country. Nevertheless, I slept like a log last night. Then again, I was still pretty tired from my babysitting adventure.

Going to see ANTZ tonight with Allison, Jodi, and David!

Found out that Karen and Lloyd were unable to make OVFF. :-( Apparently Karen had salmonella poisoning and was very seriously ill for about two weeks...both she and Lloyd are VERY bummed out about having to miss OVFF (where they also were scheduled to give a concert!). Neither of them are online, but I know they'd really appreciate hearing from some of you folk. If you want to send them a note, email me for their snailmail address. Or send them an email message via me, and I'll print it out and snailmail it to them.

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