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snails go crunch

Went biking with David this morning. He noticed how low my tires were (of course I never check them) and pumped them up for me. And wow, riding is much easier, surprise, surprise! Went up the Don River trail. There were a lot of small rocks on the path, and they kept crunching under my tires. "Snail killer," David yelled at me. I laughed. Then I looked down and was horrified to see that they WERE snails! Augh!! The idiotic little things had slimed their way out into the middle of the path for some reason. David suggested that they were Outcasts Of The Forest, ostracized by their snail peers and sent out to face certain death ("Look out for the one in the pink helmet!"). I picked one up and moved him to the side of the road while David laughed at me, the unfeeling cad, but there were just too many!! :( So I went back to crunching over them.

It was perfect biking weather this morning...a sort of last, lingering look back at summer before the cold weather hits for good. These bike rides definitely help keep me sane when work gets too crazy. As we rode, I kept noticing oncoming bikers and joggers smiling as I passed them. Weird, I thought, and wondered if I had some blueberry jam on my nose or my top on inside out. Why on earth was everyone so darned happy this morning? And then I realized that I was smiling, too, a big silly grin plastered over my face (probably getting little insects stuck between my teeth when we did downhills, I'm sure). Partly because of the fine weather, partly because I had air in my tires, partly because it was that kind of morning.

Hey, today is ALISA'S BIRTHDAY!! Feel free to send her
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