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Thanks for the reassurances from Sherman and Anne that I'm not the only one to over-react to the "death-sleeps" of tiny infants. Also, my mom-in-law told me that she actually called the fire department when Jeff's sister (who was around 8 or 9) slept so soundly in her locked bedroom that she didn't respond to banging on the door. And of course she was merely deeply asleep.

I desperately want to go see Titanic this week, but Jeff is sick. :-( And he would kill me if I went without him, I'm sure. In fact, a great many people I know right now are sick...I'm hoping to stave off germs until after Confusion.

Speaking of Confusion...hope to see some of you there! Don't forget that the Ookla-UT joint concert is on Saturday from 11-noon in the Theatre (but please check your program books at the convention just in case there's been a change). This is the first time that we've done a concert with just Ookla, and we won't have much time to rehearse beforehand, and it should be LOTS of fun. :-) At present the playlist includes songs that both groups have done on each other's albums (Still Can't Buy Me Love, Teenybopper Love, Leftovers, for example) and we'll also be doing songs separately.

To you writertypes out there: Hey, Inklings was given a nice write-up in the Markets section of this month's Writer's Digest magazine! Check out p54.

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