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ginger cookies

Anyone familiar with mSQL? I recently hired a programmer to write a database for Inkspot which will contain publisher guidelines for writers to peruse. (Feel free to check it out...14 magazine/zine publishers so far, woohoo!) And he did a wonderful job, too (and I'm not just saying that in case Trei is reading this). But now, of course, I have a zillion little tweaks I'd like to make to the database and interface...sure wish I knew more about SQL. I bought "SQL for Dummies" at the World's Biggest Bookstore last week in hopes of educating myself. It looks wonderful on my bookshelf alongside "Teach Yourself Perl In 21 Days". Maybe someday I'll actually have time to read it. SNAILMAIL: Hey, got a package in the mail from Lissa and Phil Allcock yesterday. Of course I didn't read the part of the label that said "Box 2 of 2 - open only with all of UT present" and opened it right away. I've promised them not to open the other one when it arrives. Anyway, the box that did arrive contained a box of Walker's Chocolate-Covered Ginger Cookies! Yayyyyy! And a set of rather INTERESTING paints...more details later. Today is ADAM ENGLISH'S birthday, by the way. Unfortunately he is not online, else I'd send you all over to bug him about his impending decreptitude (says The Decrepit One). Go bug Rand instead. Poor Rand has been quite ill lately and could use some cheery words. And big news I should have mentioned earlier...Jodi has her own domain!!!! Check out She also has a new email address. Hm, I'll have to update the links throughout the UT site. Thanks to those of you who have been pointing out when UT links go bad, by the way. Unfortunately I am severely time-deprived these days and am swamped in Inkspot/Inklings work. Thanks for your patience. If you notice links in the filkers home pages section or cons, please sent them the Scott Snyder, who has kindly volunteered to help me maintain the links section of the UT site (what a sweet guy, eh? buy his new album!!!!).

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