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The net is great. Here's my story: A few weeks ago, UT started working on covering another Indigo Girls song, "Prince Of Darkness". I'll be playing a second guitar part on this, and was immensely curious about what IG actually did, guitarwise. But there were no IG videos available in Toronto, and I was unlikely to be getting to a concert soon. So of course I checked the web. A ton of IG sites and FAQs, and one mentioned the Indigo Girls newsgroup. Hm, I thought. Maybe I could get some info from the newsgroup. So I subscribe to the newsgroup and peruse the current threads. One of them was, coincidentally, "guitarwork". In the thread, someone asked how they could find out more about IG guitarwork. Someone replied that they had learned a bunch from a particular video, Indigo Girls Live At The Uptown Lounge. Hm, I thought again. I already knew it wasn't available in Toronto. Did a search on the web for "Indigo Girls" and "video", found it at CDNow for $14.99. After only the briefest hesitation about entering my credit card number through the net, I ordered it. Anyway, I received a confirmation through email, and the video only took a couple weeks to arrive. Great video, too! :-)

Did some babysitting this afternoon. While my sister took S. to her first dance class, I took care of my 10-month old niece A.. She's well out of "lump" phase and into "adorable baby" phase, complete with gurgling and chubby cheeks, grabbing everything in sight. She tried to eat my harmony ball necklace but fortunately the string held. Quite the little power struggle there for a few minutes, though, me trying to convince her to open her mouth so I could shove some more pablum into it; her chomping down hard on my harmony ball and refusing to let go. I won, but only because I cleverly distracted her with a plastic Barney doll (which she was unable to fit into her mouth despite heroic efforts). Afterwards I "put her down" for a nap. Do you like that phrase? I've heard so many mothers use it, but to me it sounds too much like "putting down" a pet. Have you noticed that mothers have their own language? Today I gave A. her "solids", for example, which means "solid food" (as opposed to "goopy mush"), but to me it always sounds like I'm trying to feed her pyramids and cubes. Anyway, she fell asleep only moments after I put her down and fell asleep so soundly that I was compelled twice to poke her to make sure she was still alive (I'm absolutely didn't look like she was breathing!!!).

End of today's blather.

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