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little debbie

Miserable weather yesterday, bad road conditions...Jodi and I ended up arriving at practice an hour late. We talked over the repertoire for our library concert next month. Before we went back to Allison's, we dropped by Dominion's and I found a whole Little Debbie display! I had never seen any Little Debbie pastries before, but had heard about them from Rand and others. I bought a package of them to share with Allison and Jodi and practice, but we ended up forgetting about them. (really! I didn't forget on purpose!) Anyway, I've already eaten two of them; I am so weak. I also ate the chocolate CD that Scott and Amanda gave me in spite of my vows to keep it on display for as long as possible.

Gradually catching up in my email. This month, as an experiment, I kept every outgoing message...that's how I know that I've written over 1600 email messages this month. Egads. That's an average of 53 messages a day, assuming I write every day.

Going out for sushi with Jeff tonight. Working on press kits all day tomorrow (I need these for next week, though I'm not allowed to say why until Wednesday), which sadly means I will be unable to attend the local filk with Allison and Jodi. :-( Never really worked on a press kit before; it's sort of embarrassing, really. I mean, what you're really doing is putting together a package that says, "Hey lookit me! I'm great!!"

Eek, late, gotta go. Have a great weekend, everyone!

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