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It's sort of funny how everything that was geeky and nerdy back when we were kids is now Cool, isn't it? Star Trek, for instance. Computers. Technonerdboys. I had to laugh at Scott Snyder's blatherchat comment the other day:

    The question is... Where were all the women who appreciated
    TechnoNerdBoys when I was young and date-able? Hmmm?? It seems
    that NOW it's the hot thing... but when I was in high school/college
    (the first time...) I couldn't BUY a date! (Must've been a
    combination of the pocket protector and the tape on the glasses
    -- too much testosterone....)

Peachtree Saga continued...My groceries came, woohoo! I think the main problem was that the driver had problems finding our building. To prevent this from happening again, I'm going to including some navigation instructions in the "extra notes" field each time I order from now on. I was very pleased with the grocery order...everything came in good condition (including the fresh produce), and the order matched the list I had printed out from my web order. Plus Jeanine had thrown in a couple boxes of Allan's "Misty Mints", which I'm finding very addictive. I'll bring a box to Confusion this weekend (and try not to eat them all on the train). In any case, I'm willing to try Peachtree again in a couple weeks. Stay tuned for a report...

I'm leaving for Michigan tomorrow, so there may not be blatherings until Monday. I'll be visiting with my relatives until Friday, when I go to the convention. Hope to see some of you at our concert with Ookla on Saturday, 11-12! UT is also participating in a Kidfilk from 1-2, as well as in the Trek/B5 jam later that night. I do recall that Chad Childers had a computer room, so Allison, Jodi & I may be able to do a bit of Blatherchatting on the weekend, depending on scheduling.

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