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first advertiser!

Haven't got my groceries yet, but it's not really their fault. Got a phonecall a couple hours after I placed my order from a pleasant-sounding woman who thanked me for my order, but said they wouldn't be able to make the delivery before 4 pm, as I requested in the "special notes/delivery time preference" section. They could, however, deliver my groceries between 6-8 last night or anytime today. At the time I wasn't sure of our plans, so I asked them to hold off until Monday. So...supposedly my groceries will arrive between 10-11. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping things work out...I'd love to be able to use this service from now on. The phone woman asked me how I liked the online shopping experience and the website, whether I had any questions or comments.

We have our first banner advertiser for Inkspot! Supposedly a cheque and contract is on its way. Jeff and I went for sushi at Fune's down the street to celebrate. Yum. This time we started chatting with the head waiter after the meal, and Jeff is going to give him some tech help (the guy accidentally trashed his Japanese version of Netscape). As thanks, he gave Jeff a beer and some Scotch, gave me plum wine. After the second glass of plum wine, I think I told Jeff I had to go home (it doesn't take much to get me tipsy).
Fell asleep almost immediately. :)

Installed ICQ today. Both Jodi and Scott had mentioned it to me a while ago. I was prompted to install it because my marketing guys suggested it would be easy way to have business meetings. Wow, fun stuff! Love the chat function! Very dangerously easy to use. You can download the software from ICQ or Mirabilis. Both sites are difficult to reach sometimes, so be prepared to be patient. If you DO get an ICQ number, feel free to try buzzing me for a short chat during the next day or two (I want to test it out some more). After that, I may go to privacy mode most times during the workday. My ICQ# is 7249542. Anyway, had my first online business meeting a few minutes after installing the software. Very cool.

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