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site redesign

Still working on the site redesign of Inkspot to accomodate banner advertising. Don't worry, no advertising on the UT site. :-)
I did some babysitting yesterday. My 8-month-old niece Annie can crawl now, but only backwards and on a hardwood floor. She gets very excited about it. While I babysat, Sara and Ruth went out to do some shopping. Sara came home with a tiny metal wind-up frog toy which she called the "jump-done" frog. I asked her why it had this name, and she said, "Because I wind him up and then he jumps, and then he's done." Makes perfect sense. CONGRATULATIONS to Mark Osier, who successfully defended his thesis yesterday! Woohoo, Doctor Mark! :-) Today I get to meet one of my "Inkspot employees" for the first time...Noah Chinn. I'm having coffee with him at Shopsy's to give him his cheque. I asked Noah to describe himself so I would recognize him when he came into the restaurant, and he sent me a JPEG. :-)
SITE OF THE DAY: Lynda's Homegurrrl Page - excellent site, if you're interested in webtechstuff at all. I've made a lot of use of the web colour resource pages lately.

earth: the final conflict

Earth: The Final Conflict was filming in our neighbourhood last night, supposedly until 5 pm. Didn't see any interesting aliens, unfortunately, but then again we only passed by the location once. WINDOWS SNOBBERY: Rumour has it that, as of this week, Mac users can no longer access the official Star Trek site, In order to browse the site you must install software, versions of which are only available to Windows 95 and Windows NT users. Hope all you Americans are having a great Thanksgiving long weekend!

conversation with sara

Ugh, sick. Allison's sick, too, so UT practice has been cancelled tonight. Anyone out there in Winnipeg? Apparently a version of my interview appeared in Tuesday's issue of the Winnipeg Free Press (in the Internet column by Garth A. Buchholz). Moments before writing this, I got email congratulating me on being chosen Cool Central Site of the Hour. Like most "net awards", it strongly encouraged me to post an award logo on my main page (which would, of course, be linked back to their website). I tend to ignore these types of awards, but was curious about this one because of its hourly choice. Did someone REALLY choose a site every hour? Upon checking the URL (, however, I discovered that although the site was indeed linked to Inkspot, it was linked to the OLD URL. I've had a forwarding "Inkspot has moved" link there since March. This makes me suspect that the Cool Central Site of the Hour is somehow automated, going through some massive list of (outdated) URLs without any sort of judging process involved. (Momentary pause). Hey, my 3 year old niece just called. Here's how the conversation went:

ME: "Hello?"
ME (guessing quickly): "Hello, Sara?"
ME: How are you, Sara?
SARA: Fine. Guess what?
ME: What?
SARA: Annie just spit up food all over herself, and all over Mommy!
ME: Wow, sounds like she made a mess.
SARA: Yeah! And then she rubbed it in her hair! (giggles in delight)
ME: Very very messy!
SARA: What do you call a cow that eats grass?
ME: I give up.
ME: HAHAHAHA. That's a good joke.
SARA: Bye.
ME: Bye! Thank you for calling, Sara.


ovff report

Time difference is still giving me some problems...woke up at 5 am this morning, worked online for a few hours, crashed again for a couple more hours. Anyway, the UT OVFF report is finally up! I ended up writing the report instead of Allison because her computer ate hers. :-( She did add a bunch of comments, though. Apologies for the weird scratches on the scanned pics...I need to get my portable scanner fixed. The report is at Went to Fune with Mark and Jeff last night for sushi, yum. Major snow in Toronto this morning! Upcoming 1998 UT schedule: It's a definite for Confusion! We'll be doing a kids' concert there as well as a joint concert/jam with Ookla The Mok. Should be lots of fun. :-) Our other confirmed cons next year so far are Contata and FilKONtario.

starship troopers review

Sent out Inklings. Jeff and I went to see Starship Troopers last night, by the way. We actually meant to see Alien Resurrection as listed in the Eye Movie Listings, but turns out some of those listings are for movies that start on Friday. Anyway, I must confess that we both enjoyed Starship Troopers. Partly because we went in with such low expectations, and partly (for me, anyway) I'd never read the original novel so wasn't horrified at the butchering I'm sure the movie did. Anyway, I actually think it could be a fun flick if you don't take it seriously. Two-dimensional characters, corny dialogue (my favourite line was, "Rico, you killed dem Bugs good!"), plethora of cliches, simplistic plot, incredible special effects. A comment we overheard from another viewer summarized it perfectly: "...the most expensive B movie ever made." Lots of extremely graphic and gory deaths of both Bugs and humans, probably not for the squeamish. I'm usually in the squeamish category, but the grisly effects were so over the top and the nodpm (number of deaths per minute) so high that I suppose I became numb to all the violence. Plus I never got attached to any of the Barbie Doll characters, so their gruesome demises didn't really affect me. I found myself laughing through a great deal of the movie, esp. at the inane dialogue. Jeff thinks the script was intentionally cheesy; I'm not so sure. Anyway, whatever you do, don't go to this flick expecting to get a serious sf movie. [Update 5:38 PM ] Speaking of bugs, I seem to have gotten one. :-(