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Time seems to speed up as the end of the year gets closer, have you noticed? Can't believe it's already December! Am starting to go into a slight pre-Christmas panic mode as I'm realizing how many things I have to get done within the next few weeks. Eek. Forgot to blather about Sunday's X-Files episode. I wasn't really keen on the previous two episodes, so I'm glad to see they're getting back to some interesting plot and character developmentstuff. Had lunch with Cathy today (Cathy is the one who turned Jeff and I into hopeless X-Files addicts, by the way). I definitely have to write an X-Files song next year. Speaking of new songs, I've almost finished an a capella song for UT which should be fun to do. It's the first deliberately a capella three-part harmony song I've written for the group, so it'll be interesting to see how it turns out. I taught part of it to Allison and Jodi last week; with luck, we'll have this ready for Confusion.

alien resurrection

Saw Alien Resurrection on the weekend with Jodi. It was okay, but I didn't think it was as good as the second one (I've never seen the first one).

cowardly scumbags

So my dad was robbed yesterday. :-( He's a retired schoolteacher but keeps pretty active, including going to the health club on a regular basis. Yesterday someone cut off his combination lock and took everything in his locker, including his wallet, credits cards, $150 cash, new cellphone, and keys (keys to the house, car, garage, etc.). Major hassle to replace everything, of course, and he has to replace all his locks. No other locker was touched, so it seems as if he was specifically targeted. Doesn't look hopeful that the person(s) responsible will ever get caught. :-( OTHER NEWS: Jodi and I are going to see Alien Resurrection early tomorrow...I hope it's better than the last one. First Christmas party of the season later in the day. Jeff and I have been invited to about eight xmas parties this holiday season...I'd better dust off my obnoxious flashing xmas light musical party hat. Don't think I'll be doing much Blathering until Monday, so have a great weekend, everyone! (p.s. sadly, I was just kidding about the party hat)

mom-in-law visit

Thanks to those of you in Blatherchat who sympathised with my pot-burning experiences...I found it a great comfort. I've burned many things since I got on the web, including a pot of home-made soup I made for Allison a while back. We ended up ordering in pizza instead. =:-O And Rand still teases me because I once referred to "cooking" tunafish sandwiches for him and Paul Kwinn when they were visiting.
My mother-in-law visited last night, which was fun. She asked me if we could possibly do some websurfing, and of course you know how much I hated THAT idea. :-) My mil does a lot of swimming (she swam in the Olympics at Melbourne in the fifties!) and wanted to look up some training information. We checked out SwimInfo among other places. Afterwards we watched Third Rock From The Sun...though I don't watch a lot of tv, I really enjoy that show. :-) I remember thinking it was a stupid idea, though, when I first heard about the series.
UT practice tonight...we'll probably be going over stuff for Confusion.
Looks like the Canadian postal strike is ending tonight at midnight! Though the postal workers are being called back against their will...some are threatening to purposefully misdirect mail to the wrong locations.

bad cook

Met Noah, very nice guy. Major Babylon Five seems like everyone is watching this show except me. Worked til late last night. Got distracted while working online and burnt a pot of potatoes. I only remembered the potatoes were on the stove when I started smelling something burning. Ack! Rushed to the kitchen and spent the next hour fixing things up again...dumping the potatoes, scraping the black gunk off the bottom of the pan, opening all the windows and doors to air out the charcoal smell (but keeping an eye out for my neighbours coming out of their apartments so I could shut the door before they could see what a bad cook I was!). Had to 'fess up to Jeff...he thought one of our neighbours down the hall had been smoking again. Went out today and bought a deodorant candle, Country Garden Potpourri baking soda (to sprinkle on the rug and vacuum up), a room spray deodorizer. Certainly does mask the charcoal smell, but now I feel like I'm suffocating in a field of flowers. *gag. SITE OF THE DAY: Symptoms Of Internet Addiction.