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I'm one of those people who needs eight hours of sleep a night or I'm a zombie the next day. A crabby and lobotomized zombie, that is. I've never been able to successfully pull off the infamous "all-nighters" in university even in the most urgent situations; I'd inevitably end up asleep across my keyboard, drooling on the spacebar. All this talk about sleep is because I wish I needed less of it. Can you imagine how much more we could accomplish if we could get along with only four hours a sleep a night instead of eight? 1460 extra hours a year! I'm curious about you lot out there...can you get along with less than eight hours a night? Are any of you the mutant types (and I envy you with a passion) who can get along fairly easily with less?
Enough sleep blathering. These days I just have too much to do (the main problem is that I *want* to do all of it!) and simply not enough time. It's amazing, really, how time speeds up as one gets older. When we're children, time seems to drag by one second at a time, a summer can seem like an eternity. Now, it seems only a few days long.

Many thanks to Scott Snyder for volunteering to help maintain some of the Urban Tapestry links pages. He's a sweetie and a gentleman. Check out his web page! Buy his new album, Bardic Lug, which premieres at OVFF!

On to something totally Different - here's a list of the Hugos, for those interested. Thanks to Paula Guran for posting this list in her writers' newsletter.

1997 HUGO WINNERS Announced at the 55th WorldCon in San Antonio

Best Novel: Blue Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson
Best Novella: Blood of The Dragon by George R. R. Martin
Best Novelette: Bicycle Repairman by Bruce Sterling
Best Short Story: The Soul Selects Her Own Society by Connie Willis
Best Non-Fiction Book: Time & Chance by L. Sprague de Camp
Best Dramatic Presentation: Babylon 5 "Severed Dreams"
Best Pro Editor: Gardner Dozois (Asimov's)
Best Professional Artist: Bob Eggleton
Best Semi-prozine: Locus
Best Fanzine: Mimosa
Best Fan Writer: Dave Langford
Best Fan Artist: William Rotsler
John W. Campbell Award (best new writer) Michael A. Burstein

Also presented at the Hugo Ceremony: The Seiyun Award (Japanese Hugo)
Best Foreign Short Story: "Heads" by Greg Bear
Best Foreign Novel: END OF AN ERA by Robert J. Sawyer

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