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cool site of the day!

Thanks to Mindspring for featuring Inkspot as their site of the day yesterday; I picked up nearly 500 new Inklings subscribers as a result! (nearly over 17,000 now) Went to The Who concert last night...enjoyed it a lot more than I expected. Pete Townshend did the arm windmill thing while playing guitar, just as Allison told me he would. Roger Daltrey did the microphone windmill thing and although he didn't bare his chest, he did strip down to his undershirt. And he wasn't bad-looking for a guy his age. :-) John Entwhistle was amazing on the bass. I was most impressed by Pete Townshend, though; I am definitely hooked. He is an incredible guitarist, and I really really REALLY liked his singing. I wish he sang a lot more, in fact. Then after the concert I found out that he also writes most of the music for The Who, and that really floored me. Zak Starky (sp? Ringo Starr's son) was on drums, and was great. I have to admit I went to the concert more for the social aspect rather than the music, so I was surprised when I found myself actually ENJOYING the music. I never really liked this sort of music when I was much younger. Maybe Allison and Rand have corrupted me with their musical tastes. :-) Anyway, I always had the impression that The Who was just another noisy rock band (I grew up on Barry Manilow, The Carpenters, and Anne Murray). Well, I was wrong. And although I'm not going to rush out and buy all The Who albums I can get my hands on, I'm definitely going to check out some more Pete Townshend stuff...he really is amazing. OH, and forgot to mention. Allison introduced me to sugar-and-cinnamon beaver tails! They were being sold at one of the food booths at Ontario place, and are to die for..a sort of flat donut covered with a layer of cinnamon and sugar, piping-hot and to be consumed as quickly as possible. Wonderfully devoid of any nutritional value.
[ 11:12:50 AM ] Something else I forgot to mention: when Allison came over before the concert, she brought some chocolate-covered ginger cookies! Apparently it was LISSA ALLCOCK who was behind the devious Fig Newton Scheme last week. She sent the real cookies to Allison with instructions not to let me know about it until she heard "my howls of anguish". :-) I am wracked with indecision about what to do with my last four Lissa cookies. I shouldn't have had the first two so soon, I know that now. What I should have done was ration carefully; I could have made them last much longer if I had planned ahead. Ah, the agony of regret. (yes, I really do have a life even though it doesn't really sound like it :-) ) Wow, long blather today. That exhausted me; I'd better go eat a cookie to help me recuperate...
Today's Site: The Who: Quadrophenia.

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