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bad cook

Met Noah, very nice guy. Major Babylon Five seems like everyone is watching this show except me. Worked til late last night. Got distracted while working online and burnt a pot of potatoes. I only remembered the potatoes were on the stove when I started smelling something burning. Ack! Rushed to the kitchen and spent the next hour fixing things up again...dumping the potatoes, scraping the black gunk off the bottom of the pan, opening all the windows and doors to air out the charcoal smell (but keeping an eye out for my neighbours coming out of their apartments so I could shut the door before they could see what a bad cook I was!). Had to 'fess up to Jeff...he thought one of our neighbours down the hall had been smoking again. Went out today and bought a deodorant candle, Country Garden Potpourri baking soda (to sprinkle on the rug and vacuum up), a room spray deodorizer. Certainly does mask the charcoal smell, but now I feel like I'm suffocating in a field of flowers. *gag. SITE OF THE DAY: Symptoms Of Internet Addiction.

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