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starship troopers review

Sent out Inklings. Jeff and I went to see Starship Troopers last night, by the way. We actually meant to see Alien Resurrection as listed in the Eye Movie Listings, but turns out some of those listings are for movies that start on Friday. Anyway, I must confess that we both enjoyed Starship Troopers. Partly because we went in with such low expectations, and partly (for me, anyway) I'd never read the original novel so wasn't horrified at the butchering I'm sure the movie did. Anyway, I actually think it could be a fun flick if you don't take it seriously. Two-dimensional characters, corny dialogue (my favourite line was, "Rico, you killed dem Bugs good!"), plethora of cliches, simplistic plot, incredible special effects. A comment we overheard from another viewer summarized it perfectly: "...the most expensive B movie ever made." Lots of extremely graphic and gory deaths of both Bugs and humans, probably not for the squeamish. I'm usually in the squeamish category, but the grisly effects were so over the top and the nodpm (number of deaths per minute) so high that I suppose I became numb to all the violence. Plus I never got attached to any of the Barbie Doll characters, so their gruesome demises didn't really affect me. I found myself laughing through a great deal of the movie, esp. at the inane dialogue. Jeff thinks the script was intentionally cheesy; I'm not so sure. Anyway, whatever you do, don't go to this flick expecting to get a serious sf movie. [Update 5:38 PM ] Speaking of bugs, I seem to have gotten one. :-(

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