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andrea & rand

Working today. Yesterday had breakfast with Andrea and Rand, did some babysitting in the afternoon. Today's blather is about feeding babies. I just don't have the knack. Feeding a baby (I'm talking about spoonfeeding mushy stuff to a 6-month-old) is incredibly difficult; I don't know how parents can do it. It was nearly impossible to navigate a spoon past Annie's flailing arms and legs as she bounced up and down in her Hunger Frenzy, her mouth opening and closing like a drowning the end, I got more babymush on her hair, clothes, and the floor surrounding the chair than in her mouth. In retrospect, I realize that feeding Annie was sort of like playing a computer game that required complex hand-eye coordination. I'm glad Ruth and Kaarel don't read my blatherings hahahaha. Anyway, I would have been if Ruth had just let me know tie down like I wanted to. :-)
TODAY'S WEBSITE: Karl Wu's Home Page. Karl claims not to be a filker, but he was at one of the very first all-night filks I ever attended (at Ad Astra).

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